Lend what you have.
Borrow what you need.

usemy.xyz is a mobile app, designed to provide a community and a marketplace where people can lend and borrow everyday things.

For Lenders

Add your items, approve requests and make money!

Do you own a bike, a camera or a laptop?

Why not make extra money by sharing it with our community?

Add Items

Your camera, bike, laptop… Add any item you would like to share. Upload images, write the product description and set the fee you want in a few easy steps.

Approve Requests

The choice is always yours to approve or deny user’s requests based on your preference!

Make Money

Once you approve the request, you choose when and how the rental is completed and get paid!

For Borrowers

Search, request and borrow what you need for a short time.

Why buy if you only need it once?


Search for the item you need to use temporarily, find what’s available nearby and how much to use it.


Request the item from its owner and confirm pickup or delivery to take and give back the item, depending on the owner’s and your mutual preference.


Pay for the use of the item once it’s approved by the owner and enjoy using it for as long as you need.

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